Saturday, December 1, 2012

Special Year-End G/A - Fy & Nad

Syarat-syarat GA:
  • Follow blog pengajur (click the Blogger icon)
  • Like/Follow/Add link penganjur (click ALL icons)

Senarai hadiah (hadiah akan ditambah mengikut penambahan sponsor, so these are NOT the ONLY prizes):

- 3x accecories for 3 winners from Mustachic worth RM45
- 1x shawl from Efa Shawls
- 2x custom made brooch from Hotz Mumma

- 1x Jigsaw Lamp-Ball by Maya Zahra Shoppe worth RM40

- 3x custom made doodle for 3 winners by Nadrah Zulkifly
- 1x half blog edit for 1 winner by Sofie Ezzaty
- 2x Maxis/Digi/Celcom RM5 topup from Nadrah Zulkifly

Hadiah Top Taggers:
- 2x custom made doodle by Nadrah Zulkifly + hadiah misteri

  • Tag rakan-rakan Blogger untuk join GA
  • Pastikan diorang tahu
  • The people who tag the most will get special gifts (2 people only)

due tamat 25.disember.2012

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