Monday, July 9, 2012

Segment: I Love My Blog!

*Ihsan Uncle Google*

1. Follow blog Rieya..*Wajib tapi tak paksa...hihi*
2. Like Fanpage..*Tak paksa tapi perlu...hahaha*
3. Buat entry bertajuk "Segment: I Love My Blog!"
4. Letak banner kat entry korang dan backlink ke entry ni..dan;
5. Sambung ayat "
I Love My Blog! because my blog = my diary .
 its all about mydaily life about what im like 
& dislike, family, love, contest,friend etc aka Life Style Of Miss Chocolate.
im totally chocoholic ;) 
What im write in this blog was from my mind & my heart.
if im think about somethng im quickly wrote it in this blog.
without myblog im fell like im lost. 
im blogging from May 2009 until now 2012, almost 3year..


Rieya Ramlee Tor said...


Thanks for joining my segment. This will be judge by me and others too.

mi$$ch0c0laTe said...

thnx yea :)